What is a Mastermind and why do you need one?


What exactly is a Mastermind?

A Mastermind meeting is a Peer-to-Peer Mentoring service for brainstorming challenges, workshopping ideas, setting goals and keeping one another accountable.

Mastermind Groups have been around for centuries but the phrase was coined by Napoleon Hill in 1925 in his book The Law of Success.

Our Mastermind Meetings, at The Founders Team, are much more than just a chat. You are grouped together with like-minded business owners that are highly motivated, yet supportive.

It’s completely different to just having a brainstorm or chat with your family and friends. You will be guided by people that are going through similar challenges and have similar goals, who want to continually learn and excel in their businesses.


How is The Founders Team different to other Masterminds?

The basic agenda of a Mastermind Meeting with The Founders Team includes celebrating achievements, goal setting and time to brainstorm ideas and challenges. Each member has air-time to discuss the challenge or idea that is most prevalent to them at the time of the meeting.

Other Masterminds usually have a guest speaker with a general topic per meeting, meaning these meetings are more about learning new things rather than working through member-specific challenges.

At The Founders Team, you get the best of both worlds with our monthly Guest Expert Webinars!

At The Founders Team, we are a community. Time and time again I have members reaching out to tell me how much support and helpful advice they receive from their team and how incredibly grateful they are for the community we have created. We are all in it together and we truly believe there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to succeed. Our members are here equally to grow their own business but also to help and support other members.

The Founders Team is for all genders and business types. We welcome everyone ranging from solopreneurs to agencies, e-commerce to consultants and everything in between. You might be surprised at how similar the challenges are that we face, no matter the type of business we own.


Why should I join a Mastermind

It is so easy to get completely caught up in our businesses that it can become tricky to identify areas in which we can improve or how to overcome obstacles.

It is so valuable to have other eyes and brains working on your business with you, encouraging you and inspiring you to keep going.

Members of The Founders Team genuinely want to see each other win and we will help you get to that next level you dream about.

A commonality between our members is that they don’t have many family members or friends that really understand the journey they are on. It’s hard for their personal support system to celebrate their business achievements as they never quite ‘get’ them. So often our family and friends see us going through the challenging times and encourage us to give up for more stability, higher income and better work life balance.

But that’s not who we are right?

Your mastermind peers will always come up with new ideas to get through any challenges. They will give you honest feedback on your new ideas, service offerings or products. And they will be just as excited as you when you hit your milestones and goals!

So, what are you waiting for?