Founder Asked Questions

Q’s frequently asked by the business crew

Abso-bloody-lutely! The fact you’re here alone shows that you’re serious about growing. Doing. Building a business you’re proud of. Whether you’re working 9-5 and creating on the side, or filling in a casual roster and spending a couple of days working on your own magic. You’re most certainly welcome.

The beauty of hand-matched Masterminds is that you’re intentionally placed in a Mastermind group suited to your stage in business. Our members range from fresh startups through to multi-million dollar companies. At The Founders Team, we believe everyone is equal and have helped businesses of all sizes grow and achieve more.

Challenges are like red cars. You don’t realise how many there are until you start paying attention to them! These little sneaksters are always popping up for us – and change every month!

Here’s some examples of challenges we’ve supported members through:

  • Imposter syndrome
  • Bookkeeping dilemmas
  • Platforms for streamlining offerings
  • Marketing strategies to gain traction
  • Staff management and empowerment
  • Budget brainstorming during startup mode
  • Time management, delegation and outsourcing
  • Market research and feasibility for new ideas
  • Mapping out new services, products and courses
  • Finding the right photographer, copywriter, website designer and more

Imposter syndrome’s pesky, but natural! But we promise you, if you’re a human (okay, dogs are welcome too) and own, or co-own a business – you absolutely have knowledge and ideas to bring to the table.

We don’t expect you to wave a magic wand and solve every single member’s challenges. That’s the beauty of our peer-to-peer style. Each member offers new ideas and ways of thinking when they can. Generally someone in the team relates to the challenge, or has even been there before. Sometimes that’s you. Sometimes it’s not. Either way, insights are absolutely offered!

We are all (always) learning. We learn from growing businesses, past jobs, relationships, books, movies, articles and our lived experiences. How bloody cool that you’ll have access to everyone else’s to fuel the magic in your new idea or overcoming challenges?! 

Never underestimate the value of a listening ear.

A big part of The Founders Team is intentionally matching you with other business owners who get you. To do that, we match you with other business owners at similar stages of business based on personality, previous experience, their non-competing industries and goals for growth. With 32 intentional questions, we have a great idea of who each person is, even before we meet!

Some businesses want to scale. And others want a business that’s intentionally small. (There’s no right or wrong here, that’s up to you!). Wherever you land on the scale, there’s a team at your stage just waiting for ya!

Memberships are one entire cohort, so they’re not matched. Though our business owner community is intentionally small and much more intimate than other business Memberships. All of The Founders Team’s members are screened for character and personality before joining (so you know they’re a friendly bunch!).

Sure will! We’ll send you an introductory email letting you know who you’ve been matched with. This happens before your Strategy & Vision workshop where you’ll meet online. This is the perfect space to get well-acquainted with each other and learn about the goals and visions of your group.

Good question! But in our experience, this has never happened. Purely because we are a bunch of good people. And also, because every one signs a confidentiality agreement before their first meeting. This makes for a safe space to honestly share your business wins and challenges. Just like your team members will! And we’ll never match you with competitors.

Short answer? No. We know that many Masterminds and business communities work on point systems and referral ‘partner’ incentives. That’s not us. We do believe in the genuine connections made within The Founders Team though, and often many of our members do end up working together and collaborating once they get to know each other. 

We respect that you have other business connections and networks outside your Mastermind, though it may surprise you how many more you’ll make within The Founders Team!

You’re sent a link to date-picking software (fancy name, we know). This makes it easy to find a day (or night) and time that suits your whole team. Your date is selected based on member availability (so if you’re going away on holiday or off to an awards night, we’ll do our best to plan around it!). Because of this, Masterminds might have 3 – 6 weeks between catch ups.

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