Founder-Asked Questions

What kinds of challenges can I work through in each mastermind?

We workshop anything our members need guidance on. We might deal with your bookkeeping one meeting and mindset the next month.

OR you might have an idea for a new service or product and you’d love to workshop that with your team.

Whatever you need to work through, this is your forum.

Common challenges that arise in meetings include…

  1. Dealing with imposter syndrome

  2. Making the budget stretch in start­up mode

  3. Creating targeted marketing strategies that actually work

  4. Setting goals and staying on track to achieve them

  5. Managing and empowering staff

  6. Time management, delegating and letting go

  7. Getting comfortable with outsourcing

I am worried I don’t have any value to offer the group…

It sounds like you have some imposter syndrome creeping in! If you have a business or you co-own a business, you definitely have something to bring to the table.

I can tell you now, I alone cannot help with every single person's challenge and nor do I expect you to. The benefit of group mentoring is that there is generally someone in the team who can relate to a situation and provide helpful insights. Each of us is always learning – we learn from running businesses, from past jobs and from the things everyday life throws at us. You can draw on all of that to share advice. And you should never underestimate the value of a listening ear.

How long do I need to commit for?

The monthly membership option means you aren’t locked into any set length of time with us, and I only need 7 days’ notice if you need to cancel your membership. We want you to leave every meeting thinking to yourself “I got this”.

How do you match me to a team?

I want to put you in a room of people who really get you. So to do that, I assign teams based on their stage of business, their previous experience, their industry and their goals for growth. Some members want to scale and others want a business that is intentionally small. No matter where you fall on that scale, there are teams at all stages that I can match you with.

Will I know who I am in a team with before the first meeting?

Yes, you are e-introduced to your team before your first mastermind. Then the first meeting is all about getting to know one another so you feel comfortable moving forward. Everyone also signs a confidentiality agreement before the first meeting, so you know you are in a safe space.

Am I expected to refer work within the team?

No, that is absolutely not the intention of our masterminds. I believe you really need to trust someone before referring your clients and customers. With that said, many of our members do end up working together and collaborating once they get to know one another, but there is never any pressure to do so. We respect that you already have other connections and networks outside of your mastermind.