Matching you with Founders who ‘get it’

Are you ready to join forces with a small team of hand-selected Founders who:

1. ‘Get’ your business struggles...

2. Cheer on your wins...

3. And combat your business’s challenges with you head on?

If you’re anything like us, then...

You’re tired of exxy networking events (with bad wine) that leave you ‘emptily inspired’


  • Rarely actually working ‘on’ your business – only ever ‘in’ it (no matter your intentions)

  • Not really into awkward business meet-ups (and would rather stay home with your laptop)

  • Feeling like no-one’s really there to push you towards your bigger picture

And to be honest, you’re kind of sick of this whole ‘going it alone’ thing.

You’re ready to grow your business and crave a supportive team of people who ‘get it’ so you can reach that next level.

But what would that look like?

  • You don’t have time to get ready, commute, attend and return home from networking events

  • You can’t justify high ticket events that aren’t tailored to you

  • 3 or 4 Figure business coaching to access just one mind doesn’t seem reasonable…

  • You want a safe space, free of judgement…

  • (And preferably not to have to put on pants)

Enter: The Founders Team’s NEW Digital Mastermind Groups

  • Based on a personality and business quiz, we match you with a small team of founders

  • You meet with your team online (yes, you can even bring your GOOD wine)

  • 2 hours of dedicated time to work ON your business every month

  • We NEVER match you with competitors

  • You’ll become a member of a tight-knit business community filled with ‘your people’

  • Accountability, business advisory, a referral-base, multiple magic minds and more

We’re on the hunt for 30 fired-up business owners to join our NEW digital masterminds


Your investment

By signing up to The Founders Team membership, you will receive:

  • Monthly facilitated Mastermind with your team

  • Access to our private Facebook and Slack communities

  • Invitation to our Quarterly Events

  • Value packed Member Emails

  • Exclusive Member Offers

  • Listing on our Member Directory

  • A support crew that will help you succeed and cheer for you when you do

  • Accountability to ensure you achieve your goals

All of this plus more for just $55 per month or $50 per month for 6 months upfront (including GST)


Who is behind The Founders Team?


The Founders Team was established by Leanne Webber – a driven business owner and natural community builder who is fuelled by the ambitious energy of her members.

Having worked in both multi-million dollar corporations and lean startups, Leanne understands the different paths businesses take; including those that fizzle out. After her first ecommerce business failed when she was just 23, she saw that chapter of her life for what it was – a chance to learn and grow. All this experience has set the foundations for the goal-oriented community Leanne has built at The Founders Team.

Let’s stop romanticising building a business that ticks everyone else’s boxes – I want you to create a business that works for you.”


Is The Founders Team right for you?

Our teams are spilling with new ideas, creative strategies and passionate business founders who have big goals. To get the most value out of your membership, you’ll meet the points below.

You’re right for The Founders Team if you’re:

  • Undeniably hungry to scale your business

  • Willing to invest 2 hours per month to working ON your business

  • A goal-oriented founder wanting meaningful business connections

  • Excited by the idea of brainstorming with your team members

  • Open to new ideas and feedback for your business

  • Ready to cheer on the people who are on your cheer squad too

What you’ll get in return:

  • One, 2-hour monthly online Mastermind with a small team of founders selected for you

  • A tight-knit business community of others who ‘get it’

  • Structured online sessions that cut the waffle and get straight to the juicy stuff

  • New connections with passionate founders

  • Regular liaison and check-ins with Leanne through the month

  • Invitations to Members-Only events

  • Access to our Members-Only Facebook group (to connect with even more founders)

  • Monthly accountability for your progress

  • To listen in and learn from other people’s struggles and help find solutions

  • Listing on The Founders Team Directory

  • New opportunities for collaborations and referrals


Founder-Asked Questions:

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel anytime.

What if I’m new to business – Can I still join?

We welcome business owners of all levels of experience to join us. No one is ever too new (or too seasoned) to become a Founders Team member.

What if I don’t have anything to contribute?

Every step, job, challenge, win and experience has lead you to this moment, right now. Unless you’ve lived in a small cave your whole life, your wisdom will be one hundred percent valued and relevant (though if you’re that cave guy, we think you’d know some pretty cool stuff too – let’s chat).

What if I’m a man?

We welcome women and men into The Founders Team and encourage all applications. We find the ying-yang of gender adds a cool dynamic to many of our teams.

How many people who will be in my team

Depending on suitability, team sizes are made up of 3+ members. There is not a set number of founders you’ll be matched with simply because we’re focussed on building intentional teams. And not so focussed on filling seats ‘just because.’ You’ll be placed in a team that offers a diverse range of founders to add multi-dimensional perspectives to your business ventures.

How long will it take for you to find my team?

Matchmaking is no easy feat. Making sure you’re matched with ‘your people’ is our top priority. This can take anywhere between one and  six weeks, depending on your availability. And we’ll also be in touch along the way.

What if I want to change teams?

We encourage growth and change. Switching teams is always an option (but the response we usually get is ‘how did you find a team so perfect for me?!’).

What if I can’t afford it?

Let’s be honest. Between petrol, tickets and a new outfit, you’d easily spend this on a networking event. Heck, if you’re like us, you’d spend this on your weekly UberEats.

What if I have heaps of competing priorities at the moment and am not sure I can commit to 2 hours a month?

We totally get it, life is busy. If you’re not sure you’ll have the 2 hours a month to consistently commit, we recommend you coming back to us at a later stage when you know you’ll really be able to sink your teeth in and get the most out of being a part of The Founders Team.

What if I don’t find it valuable?

We have a 100% satisfaction rate, so we don’t see that happening. Though if you feel The Founders Team isn’t for you, you can cancel any time.

Connect with your carefully chosen, ultimate business dream team for less than your weekly UberEats order!


Ready to get started?

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