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10 ways to soothe your nervous system when you’re stressed AF

Written by Georgina Siddall - Vitalita Health & Fitness Even before the big C, many of us were spending our waking hours oscillating between fight and flight. Life is stressful and, despite advances in science and technology, our primitive…
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Countless Content Ideas Dropping in Hot 🔥

Written by Oh My Digital Scratching your head because you’ve run out of content ideas? We get it. You’re running a business, you’re wearing all the hats, you’ve got better things to be doing (or that you’d rather be doing, let’s…
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3 Steps to Creating Systems that Scale

Written by Charlotte Isaac How many times have you signed up for a fancy new piece of software, only to abandon it a few days/weeks/months later? No judgment, we’ve all been there! 🙋‍♀️ Systems are essential when it comes to…
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Accounting + Advisory: An Investment in your Business Growth

Written by Peter, Director of Dracakis Advisory & Member of The Founders Team Taking growth steps in your business is an incredible feeling, be it hiring a new staff member or moving into an office, it can make all those long hours of work…

Growth is never linear

Our most recent launch for our July - December intake was our sixth launch since I started The Founders Team. Initially The Founders Team was a month-by-month option (which didn't really work for the Masterminds) so I learnt about the whole…
The team at Club Sandwich HR smiling with sandwiches at a cafe
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11 steps to hiring a new employee

You've worked hard. So hard that you've now got too much work to do! It's time to grow your team #exciting but if you've never hired before it can be a little daunting knowing where to start. That's why we've asked our Resident HR gurus…
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My five favourite productivity hacks

If you are currently feeling a little all over the place, trust me - you’re not the only one. COVID-19 has seriously put a spanner in the works for ALL of us and we are all trying to navigate this new, temporary way of living. It’s no…
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How to create a morning routine that works for YOU

Anyone else feel pressured and overwhelmed about creating the perfect morning and evening routine to become your best self? Yep, me too! Especially during this time of COVID-19, working from home, exercising at home, being at home - all. the.…
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The numbers and metrics you should be tracking for your business

I’ve come to the realisation recently that we are putting serious expectations on ourselves, and others, on numbers and goals that aren’t actually relevant to all business owners. Picture this: You’re at a networking event - what types…
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How to streamline and automate your biz processes

When we start a business, we have to do all of the things, wear all of the hats and focus our energy on bringing in new clients and revenue. A few months or years down the track, we are still just as busy doing all of the things that it’s…
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How to remain relevant in this ever-changing world

A few months ago, news was released that Napoleon Perdis was entering into voluntary administration. Only a few years prior, Napoleon had become a household name as he built his makeup empire. I found it really interesting that, when interviewed,…
Leanne Webber and her Mastermind Team sitting at a table

Five reasons to join a Mastermind

Before we get stuck into the benefits, let me first explain what a mastermind actually is... A Mastermind is a peer-to-peer mentoring meeting. A simple concept that, when implemented well, can have a HUGE impact on your business. The way masterminds…
Leanne Webber and Claire McKeen sitting on the wooden steps of a coworking space

The incredible benefits of joining a coworking space

One of the main reasons for starting a business is to have the flexibility that you desire - to set your own hours, work from home with your kids or animals and do what you want, when you want. However, after a few months the novelty starts…
View of a laptop with group video chat and a cup of coffee on a desk

Creating culture within a Remote Team

I am huge advocate of creating a fantastic working environment. This can be a difficult thing to do with a team in the office and even more challenging with a team spread out across the globe. Implementing processes and hacks to improve team…
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Amazing Customer Experience is imperative to your business success

Customer experience is one of the most important aspects in building and growing a business, yet it is SO often overlooked because it’s not exactly the most fun or sexy part of starting or improving a business. Customer experience is more…
Woman writing on whiteboard, sticky notes on wall with team listening to presentation

Retro Meetings can improve your team culture

A Retrospective Meeting (also known as a Retro) is a fantastic way to get your team involved in providing feedback about how things are going in your business. During a Retro Meeting, team members will discuss what went well, what didn’t…
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Something’s gotta give

I’ve started noticing a common theme during the challenge brainstorming section in The Founders Team Masterminds… “I just don’t have enough time to work ON my business!” The incoming blog might be a little blunt, but I feel as though…
Overview of large group at a netwroking event in a restaurant

Why you need a like-minded support crew

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs / business owners have a different way of thinking. Forever considering new ideas and new ways of doing things. Getting satisfaction from reaching new goals and constantly striving for more. Never satisfied…
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Charge what you’re worth

Pricing and Discounts. These are hot topics in our Masterminds at The Founders Team – are we charging enough? Why do we feel nervous when we send off every quote? Why do family and friends always ask for things cheaper and then end up being…
Five women enjoying their Mastermind at a round table

What exactly is a Mastermind?

A Mastermind meeting is a Peer-to-Peer Mentoring service to help others brainstorm challenges, ideas and help keep members accountable. Mastermind Groups have been around for centuries but the phrase was coined by Napoleon Hill in 1925 in…
Leanne Webber with Founders Team Members in the office

The most important thing about owning a business

Every expert tells you that their service is the most important thing you need for business. “Without branding, your business won’t succeed.” “Without marketing, your business won’t succeed.” “Without a website, your business…
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How we secured a huge deal in the first 2 months of our business

There is nothing that irks me more than business owners posting in a Facebook group with a flat out “Buy my stuff” post. Do you pay attention to them? Do you buy from them? I certainly don’t. So how do you gain more clients, or better…
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Practical steps to overcome the tough times in business

I’ve had quite a few members that have mentioned in our meetings that they feel as though they are starting again when something ‘bad’ happens. For example, when they lose a client or when they have spent months (or years) training an…
Leanne Webber with Microphone at Networking Event

How I overcame my fear of networking events

I don’t need to tell you that owning a business is hard. Really hard. Especially in the early years. You’ve got multiple hats to wear, a hundred tasks to do, new things to learn, many people to please and on top of that, you’ve got to…
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The difference between busy & productive

I have a list of tasks that I need to do. They are broken down into sections A Category = Urgent. To be done today B Category = Important. To be done this week C Category = Should do soon. Stop being an overachiever, these aren’t THAT…

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