Business life’s not all boozy lunches in the sun and linen pjs. There, we said it.

It’s also really bloody hard work. Long nights.

And doing heaps of stuff by yourself.

It’s wondering if you should get that new office space. And navigating new systems. It’s hiring staff. And chasing unpaid invoices. It’s saying “no” to parties and “yes” to webinars. It’s writing captions. To-do lists. And noticing Cheeto crumbs on your chin, 10 minutes into a Zoom…

Founders Team Members Discussing Their Business Goals

Running a business is ‘a-ha’ moments

and new ideas.

It’s successful launches. And failed campaigns. It’s drinking wine in bed and watching bad reality TV for hours (okay, days) to recover. 

But, holy shit it’s easier, more fun and less world-ending when you have a team of people who ‘get’ the lot, to pull you through. Reflect. Digest. Come back stronger. And some even have tips on how to get those wine stains outta the sheets. Whoa now!

Sound familiar?


→ Dream up big goals. 

But find it hard to action them

→ Crave business connection.

But networking feels so yuck

→ Love the shit outta your friends and fam.

But they don’t fully grasp the biz thing

→ Experience wins and achievements.

But never really celebrate them

The Founders Team Member working away on her business goals
The Founders Team Break Out Business Session Mingling

Well? You’re in the right place. Cheers!

We’re here to offer accountability, community and to inspire your growth.

To offer a friendly place where mingling with other business owners feels natural (you’re gonna love ‘em). And to *mindstorm* new ideas with people who ‘get it’. To champion your wins and triumphs. To work through the lows – and dream bigger for the future.




Hours connecting


Weekly wine clinks


New ideas

The home of big thinkers.

Whether you’re just starting out, or running a multi-million dollar company.

We meet you where you are and inspire you to take action on your wildest dreams.

We’re the growth-minded business crew for emerging and established businesses everywhere.





Many Masterminds and Memberships rely on a coach or mentor to select a topic and go through that. We’re not about that life. Sure, we have an agenda – but we’re for business owners, by business owners. And all your *mindstorming* happens with others in your shoes, so new ideas and perspectives are always relevant.


Focus on what’s keeping you up at night, sparkling your mind or high on your priority list, right now. Small groups mean you always get heard and your chance to have your say. Across Masterminds and Memberships, you’ll never just feel like a square on a screen (you’re way more than that to us!).


Whether it’s a Membership to stay connected, a Mastermind to keep accountable or Mindmasters to continue growing. We meet you where you are, and → take you where you want to go. To us, everyone’s equal. No matter where you are on your business journey, we have a home for you.

What we’re about

01. Honesty

We’re an open bunch, and honest by nature. Like your besties with zero ego (who also happen to be wise biz owners)

02. Equality

Success comes in many shapes and sizes. Every member of The Founders Team is celebrated and welcomed. We are all equal

03. Humbleness

We’re not here to bamboozle ya with complex systems and technical terms. Simple, clear and easy is always best

04. Fun

Life’s too short to think small. But it’s also too short to have no fun at all (hey, that rhymed!). We’re a lighthearted bunch who find joy in lifting others up and cheering each other on

05. Support

Supporting each other is our favourite thing. Whether it’s collaborating on content, sharing your next big thing or just being there with new ideas when times are tough. Always feel connected and important with The Founders Team

Real, valuable feedback on challenges that keep you up at night

Many business communities aren’t actually run by business owners. Shock, right? 

Especially when you need to chat out what’s goin’ on right now, with people who ‘get’ it. 

And almost all Masterminds are with 10+ peeps, so you never get heard. Usually the whole shebang is run by a coach. And covers a topic they choose. But that’s not us. 


  • For business owners, by business owners
  • Made up of intimate groups (so everyone gets heard)
  • Holding you accountable, so you achieve more
  • Collective *mindstormers* here to inspire new ideas
  • Real-time supporters for what you’re facing right now

With The Founders Team, you get a sneaky peek behind the curtains of other businesses. And the opportunity to apply your expertise and ideas to their challenges. It’s a fun, safe and honest space made for business owners who ‘mean business’, but also occasionally squirt wine out nostrils because of a little (okay, a lot) of giggles. Plus, we’re all basically addicted to snacks and can’t say no to lunchtime cocktails so there’s that.

Your goals are growing places.

And so are you.

Okay, maybe your goal *is* to open a 300-floor agency with butlers and fancy schmance elevator music. But maybe it’s *not* too. And we love that. Because goals and growth come in all different  shapes, sizes, colours and tastes (…!?). 

So, your aim might be to take Friday arvos off and visit friends. To finally start nurturing your email list… Or hire a team (so you can actually have some time to enjoy your wine). Whatever it might be, all goals (like business owners) are equal in our eyes.

Want some ideas to get you started?
Our members have set (and achieved) goals like:

Launch a podcast

Rebrand the biz

Work 3-day weeks

Open a studio

Diversify income streams

Hire a VA

Successfully niche

Speak at events

Create new services

Fire a VA

Implement new systems

Feature in publications

Meet Leanne

The Founders Team Founder

Hey! I’m Leanne Webber. And it’s so nice to meet you. I started The Founders Team when I was running our other business, Webbernet. And I kinda hated that I couldn’t find anywhere to connect with other business owners in a *human* way.

I’d tried the cold conference rooms (and accompanying business card confetti cannons). I’d attended the meetups. The breakfasts. The drinks (…where no one actually drank).

But I wanted more. More connection. More accountability. More opportunity to achieve my goals (and have people to celebrate them with!). Was that too much to ask? Apparently, yes!

I tried talking to my friends about business. And although they love me dearly, they didn’t really ‘get’ the challenges I was facing. The loneliness and why I chose to work Sundays instead of 9-5 weekdays.

I personally needed other people who understood me and my big goals… To help each other overcome challenges and validate or troubleshoot new ideas. But it’s become about so much more.

Leanne Webber The Founders Team Founder Portrait Smiling

The Founders Team started with just 10 people in one monthly Mastermind.

I was shaking with nerves before the first one! “Would this be a waste of their time?!” Okay, the large team didn’t quite allow us to deep-dive in the two hours. And the loud café was pretty distracting. But I’ve learnt since then. We’ve made many tweaks – refined the process… And introduced sharing our wins! (Because so many of us can have our eye on what’s next, that we never look back to see what we’ve achieved. Big and small. It all adds up!)

We entered the Mastermind pretty flat, yet by the end we were super pumped! 

It was in these first moments that I realised there really were other business owners who felt just like me. 

 Then, we introduced virtual coworking, events and now a Membership.

I never could’ve dreamed of what The Founders Team has grown into! But the funny thing is, none of it would’ve been possible without the support of my Mastermind team!

Find your community, ultimate fan club and crew with The Founders Team (just like I did). 

Emily Pruitt Community Champion Portrait Photo

Meet Emily

Community Champion

Hi there, I’m Emily! After moving from the US to Australia almost 10 years ago (I bloody love it here), I now consider myself a proud Ausmerican. And yes, give me all the Vegemite. 

As a health and wellness business owner, I know *exactly* what founder life’s like. I firmly believe that looking after your wellbeing is the cornerstone of running a thriving business. So, I bring a little extra wellness flave to The Founders Team too. 

You’ll find me managing our community and teams, and facilitating Masterminds. Think mindstorming over Zoom, hosting virtual coworking events (and topping up your snacks at IRL ones) for Masterminders, Mindmasters and the wider #foundersfam. 

You and I both know the entrepreneurial journey can be one helluva lonely time. Having a team in your corner who ‘gets it’? Well, that advice and support comes unparalleled to anyone outside of being a founder. 

I’ve seen first-hand how having a team encourages new ways of thinking, inspires action and boosts confidence – ultimately taking businesses to the next level. 

I love getting to know every single member of The Founders Team. I genuinely care about your success and happiness, cheering you on the whole way. I seriously feel like a proud biz mum when you hit your goals! I hope to meet you soon.


I want to apply!


Sign me up!


Yep, pick me!


New to the biz game? Been around a while, but thinking it’s time to get serious? We’ve got you! Connect, learn and join us for (nice) networking, while achieving your goals with a little push in the right direction!


A go-getter! We like your style. You crave community and connection while you grow your own way. You’re ready to connect with an intimate team of hand-matched business owners to clarify, validate and troubleshoot new ideas live! All with the extra support of accountability to action those new goals. AKA you’re #growingplaces.


Diversified your income? Check. Outsourced to a team? Done. Smashed your growth and KPI goals? You know it. But connecting with other business owners to mindstorm with while you navigate this next growth phase? Bloody hard to come by – until now. Join our intimate Mindmasters cohort for monthly masterminds, a round table event and a mystery team-building experience (yes, *mystery*).

How this works


Apply for the program that is best for you (not sure which is for you? Get in touch!)


You’ll receive some questions about your goals, personality and where you’re #growing


We’ll be in touch within 48 hours with your next steps


Meet your fellow #foundersfam!


Grow, baby, grow, grow

P.S. What’s with the squoogley shapes?

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Structures, industries, goals and visions. But in The Founders Team? We’re all connected and equal.

Come join our #foundersfam!

P.S. What’s with the
squoogley shapes?

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Structures, industries, goals and visions. But in The Founders Team? We’re all connected and equal.

Come join our #foundersfam!

Not sure which option is best for you?