Meet Leanne Webber


The Founders Team was established by Leanne Webber – a driven business owner and natural community builder who is fuelled by the ambitious energy of her members.

As well as being the brains behind our masterminds, she is also the co-founder of custom software development company Webbernet.

It was while Webbernet was having growing pains that Leanne wished she had her own community to turn to for support. Within weeks of this, her trademark ‘just start somewhere’ attitude saw her fill six mastermind teams before even registering a business name.

After Leanne’s first ecommerce business failed when she was just 23, she saw that chapter of her life for what it was – a chance to learn and grow. Having also worked in both global corporations and lean startups, all of this experience has set the foundations for the goal-oriented community Leanne has built at The Founders Team.

The Founders Team is now one year into business and we’ve had over 100 founders come through our doors - in Brisbane, on the Sunshine Coast and through our virtual doors with our more recent addition of Digital Masterminds.

Leanne facilitates every session and is incredibly passionate about helping founders and cheering them on through their rollercoaster journey of business owner life.