Matching you with Founders who ‘get it’


Are you:

  • Rarely working ‘on’ your business – only ever ‘in’ it?

  • Not really into awkward business meet-ups?

  • Feeling like no-one’s really there to push you towards your bigger picture?

  • Craving a connection with other founders that actually understand what you’re going through?

  • Tired of exxy networking events (with terrible food) that leave you ‘emptily inspired’?

  • Feeling kind of overwhelmed and need help finding business clarity?

Then prepare to join forces with a small team of hand-selected Founders who:

  1. ‘Get’ your business struggles...

  2. Celebrate your wins...

  3. Combat your business’s challenges with you head on...

  4. And give you honest feedback on the new ideas you have for your business

Ready to grow your business with the help of a supportive team of people who ‘get it’?


How does it work?


Based on a personality and business quiz, we match you with a small team of founders (never your competitors).

You meet with your team in Brisbane or online.

2 hours of dedicated time to work ON your business every month with the help of other magic minds.

Share your wins, brainstorm challenges and workshop new ideas.

Time to set goals for the month ahead and accountability to ensure you actually achieve those goals.

You’ll become a member of a tight-knit business community filled with ‘your people’.


Your investment


By signing up to The Founders Team membership, you will receive:

  • One, 2-hour monthly Mastermind with a small team of founders selected for you

  • A tight-knit business community of others who ‘get it’

  • Structured sessions that cut the waffle and get straight to the juicy stuff

  • Monthly webinars with guest experts on topics you need help with

  • New connections with passionate founders

  • Regular liaison and check-ins with our Founder throughout the month

  • Invitations to Members Only events

  • Access to our Members Only Facebook group (to connect with even more founders)

  • Monthly accountability for your progress

  • To listen in and learn from other people’s struggles and help find solutions

  • Honest feedback on your new ideas

  • New opportunities for collaborations and referrals

All of this plus more for just $55 per month…

(that’s less than your monthly UberEats spend!)


Ready to get started?

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